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(Kristin) Life and Prep

It’s been a little while since our last post. This would be for a number of reasons, ode3the least of which is that I am currently submerged in a pile of papers as the fall semester nears its end. This post is actually me taking a break. Eric has also been busy with work. He’s been taking any overtime he can get so that we can save up extra money for our upcoming adventure in addition to doing part-time work as an assistant instructor for an EMT course.

I know, two people who like to teach. It leads to conversations that last for hours about the notable difference in air temperature between 32 degrees and 29 degrees and how much does humidity affect this sensation of cold anyway? Let’s google some of this terminology we are throwing around to make sure we actually know what we are talking about.

“Eric! I googled weather and found something about clouds! Do you realize there are a gazillion types of clouds?” We both read about the wisdom of cloud classification. Then we stare at each other realizing our weather knowledge never increased beyond fifth grade. OMG BRAIN EXPLODING SO MANY CLOUDS I HAVE TO LEARN ABOUT!!! If you’re not convinced, check out this handy visual of “Common Types of Clouds”. Have you ever heard of cumulonimbus?


And of course, the holidays. We are LOVING holidays this year as newlyweds. We had an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving that we hosted for the first time! It was so much fun to start a new tradition together. Eric made the beautiful turkey below on a charcoal grill. I don’t usually like turkey. But I LOVED this turkey. And we are very much looking forward to Christmas festivities.


Basically, we’ve given life priority over the trail as of late and we are loving every minute of it. Okay, maybe not the minutes that involves calculations of final grades. The reality is, we are mostly ready for the trail. Wait, one more time… we are mostly ready for the trail!!!


We have been prepping, buying, reading, and absorbing everything trail related for ATinGA-ApproachArch32 almost two years now and we can finally say we are mostly ready. All because my wonderful husband mentioned he thought about hiking the Appalachian Trail two years ago. I said, “Really?”. And he said, “Well, yes. I’ve always wanted to.” And I said, “Well then let’s do it.” So now, here we are, 59 days away from fulfilling that very dream.

We have 99% of our gear, most of the money we need is saved up and safely stored away in a savings account, setting up automatic payments, looking into storage options for our furniture, selling things we have lying around that we realized is worth something and we don’t use, taking our cats to the vet, scheduling dentist appointments, and all the other fun things you need to do when you choose to step away from regulated life for 6 months.

Oh yeah, well what about exercise Eric and Kristin? Don’t worry, we are upping our workouts once Christmas passes. Hey, don’t scoff! We are juicing for two days this week. That way we can prepare for fresh-baked cookies and homemade Baileys.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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